The Potato Chip Diaries

Friday, June 22, 2007


From “Kettle Chips”

Munching on these chips, I suddenly had this deeply heart-felt sympathy for people who have ever been set up on disastrous blind dates based on their mutual friends’ sudden, wide-eyed enlightenment (“OMG! You have to meet my friend XXX! You guys would so totally dig each other!).

That must have been what the “potato chips designer” thought of when this spicy Thai flavor was created (“OMG, Potato! You have to meet my friend Ginger! You guys are like, so totally made for each other!). But unfortunately, no matter how great this idea sounds, ginger and potato just don’t go together. As a matter of fact, they hated each other and fought throughout the entire duration of their date.

Sorry to break your heart, potato chips designer (p.s. wildly jealous of your profession…). Next time, try lemon grass with potatoes, and as an added bonus, you can still call it spicy Thai flavor. This one you created, is an absolute catastrophe.


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