The Potato Chip Diaries

Monday, October 23, 2006


GG (very excited): Guess what I discovered today?

J: What?
GG (mysterious grin): A type of n-e-w potato chips! They taste very light, not conventional at all. I kind of like it.
J: Oh?
(sound of plastic bag rattling)

GG: Look!
(J's eyes widened in disbelief at the sight of the bag)

J: It's - Munchos!
(GG's eyes widened in shock)

GG: You know this?!
J: I ...
(J was so flabbergasted and excited at the same time - (inner thougts: "Finally! Now is the time for me to get even with her for all the caveman portrait I endured since the existence of her blog!") - that he completed lost his words)

J: Never mind. I keep forgetting that you didn't grow up in this country!